Rick Coates

Rick is one of the newer members in the Chapter, who joined at the time he was beginning to consider building a Van’s Aircraft RV-7.  After taking one of the EAA’s Sportair workshops on sheet metal and RV assembly, the confidence was set and the order was soon placed.  Since that day Rick has found that the challenge is huge in all aspects, from learning the skills, to juggling life, but finds solace in the knowledge there are several experienced folks in the chapter to help if needed.
When not at the chapter or flying from Springbank, Rick is kept busy with a young family and a career in the geosciences. The desire to build a plane arouse out of Rick’s renewed interest in flying after taking an eleven year hiatus from piloting small airplanes.  Originally he had pursued a career as a pilot but money, then life, kept that dream at bay.  Instead Rick became heavily involved in the Army Reserve reaching the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel before retiring in 2011.  With more time on his hands having left the reserves, he needed a hobby that was close to home.  Limited by what renting Cessna’s can offer he developed a desire to own a plane in order find more freedom and different ways to explore the flying experience.  A kit build plane seemed like a natural fit although he would be the first to admit that it is not the fastest way to ownership of a flying machine.
Rick riveting parts on one of the future elevators of the Van’s RV7 he is building.