Al MacDonald

Al grew up as an AirForce brat and when old enough to try making a parachute jump he got hooked on skydiving.  He has made about 1500 jumps, many of which were with cameras, and has had photos published in magazines and video footage shown on TV programs.  After learning to be a parachute rigger, Al started working for, and eventually took over Flying High Manufacturing, a full time parachute equipment business for skydivers and pilots.  That was some 30 years ago and he's still threatening to get a real job.  The business combines sales/service/recertification of parachutes for homebuilders, glider pilots, aerobatic, and warbird pilots.  Al learned to fly in his own C-140. Later, many years were spent as a weekend jump pilot in C-182s, C-180, and a PC-6 Pilatus Porter.  Looking for more of a challenge than the C-140, he got talked into buying a Pitts S-1C and developed an interest in aerobatics.  He later upgraded to his current Christen Eagle II and flies that as regularly as he can sneak away from work on a nice day.   He is part of a group that regularly makes the trek to OSH in a friends beautifully restored Expeditor (RCAF Beech 18).  Al got his private multi rating in an Aztec and gets some Expeditor left seat time each year.  Early each spring the group helps out with the annual on this incredible airplane.
See the article about Al and his Pitts in the March 2013 issue of our newsletter.
Al's Eagle

Al MacDonald