Derek Riphagen

Picture of my RV7A   (C-GWPY) on its way to CEN4 on Sunday(June 2013) where I plan to put on the wings in the next few weeks and do the last of the finishing touches to get it ready for its inspection.

I have also included a picture of the panel taken during the installation and wiring a few months ago.
Project Photo 1
Project Photo 2
Ready for first flight
First Flight
After numerous weather delays that stretched into four months, CGWPY took to the skies on January 19,2014.  Thank you to Rob and Eileen Griesdale and Keith Dempsey for ground support for the first flight which was uneventful.  CGWPY flew beautifully for 30 minutes over CEN4 on a gorgeous southern Alberta day.

The journey started four years ago with an invite to attend the annual EAA potluck dinner which rekindled a long dormant passion and expired foreign license caused by immigration to Canada and raising a family.  This $20 dinner resulted in me signing up for flying lessons and an order for an RV 7A kit from Vans in the ensuing 3 weeks.  Who is talking about $100 hamburgers.

Many thanks to my youngest son Mark for the many weekends helping buck rivets, deburring and dimpling holes, scuffing and priming various pieces.  Aerotronics in Billings Montana for helping with the panel and my neighbour, Wally Gallup, for helping me load and move my project, first to his shop for painting and then to the airport for final assembly.
Special thanks to Jack Dueck for the continuing encouragement, Sheet Metal Basics, inspecting  CGWPY and allowing me to use his hangar for final assembly.
A thank you to Guy Bourgeois for the stick time and his patience  while he converted me from being a Cessna pilot to an RV pilot in his RV 7A.

And finally my family for helping keep the home fires burning while I "played" in the workshop with my project on weekends and evenings.
Derek with C-GWPY Pre-Flight
First Flight Taxi
RV Grin