Jeff Seaborn

C-GVCB RV-7 with a Subaru 3.0 6 cylinder engine.
Quickbuild kit started in 2006.  1350 hours to get it to first flight which
was May 2009.  First big trip, Oshkosh 2009.
It was painted over the winter of 2009/2010.
It's since been to Oshkosh 2 more times and have currently gotten 250 hours
on it which is not too bad considering it's based at a "seasonal" airfield.

I picked the RV as it's a proven design with a phenomenal support group.  I
chose the 7 as I liked the idea of doing "gentleman" aerobatics and I liked
the side-side arrangement since it's friendlier for passengers and I think
it has nicer lines than an RV-8.