Clark Seaborn

Stampe SV4/B

Some of my friends say I have an inverted attitude which might disqualify myself for this job or my other disqualification is that most of my building and flying has been in aeroplanes more than 60 years old. You, as a chapter, might have to bring me kicking and screaming into the 21st century as regards aeronautical technology. That being said I promise to try my best to support our facet of aviation by making interesting chapter meetings and keeping the business portion to a minimum, by promoting safe flying and by doing my best to minimize government involvement and interference in private general aviation. I have been around EAA for a while. My member number is 57197 and my first homebuilt aeroplane first flew under my terrified guidance on July 29, 1971. I am now working on my fifth homebuilt/antique restoration - some people say it is a disease. Unfortunately, my son Jeff also has this disease as he is working on his second homebuilt.
Clark's current project painting, painting, painting.