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April 3 Meeting

Next meeting Thursday April 3, 2014 Air Cadet Hangar High River Airport. Do hit ReadMore below...


Soren's Gullwing
Garry's Rebel and Jim Barlow's Bushmaster
Clark's Fleet Canuck on ski's in Jan 2013
Ron Shannon's Rebel at Rakes Glen
Wilga on floats in Australia
Al's Eagle
Nigel's diesel Elite in the UK
Garry's Rebel on takeoff in northern Saskatchewan
Hail Trail in Alberta July 2013 courtesy of Cpt. Daryl Frank
Triple lenticular over Mount Rainier
Northern Lights, Mazenod Lake, NWT courtesy of Barett Soroka

Airport Access

The latest news on this front is that the replacement bridge is currently scheduled for construction in the spring of 2014. (Date of this advice 20130925. 
CEN4 High River Airport access has been cut off from the north due to the flooding. The bridge just north of the airport near the gravel pit operation was washed out. Access is now from the south or from the traffic circle on 12th Avenue west of the Home Hardware.

Annual Potluck

The annual potluck was held Feb. 8 at the Air Cadets Hangar. For some of us, its the only time we get our ladies even close to airplanes. The agenda went as planned and was enjoyed by all. There was also a small auction of an autographed book about Wrong Way Corrigan (benefits to Jean Dueck Memorial Fund). There was a lot of interest in this auction and it finally closed after about 25 bids, well above my ceiling. Maybe next time. The party continued to nearly 10 pm with lots of chatting and kibitzing. I was glad to see this continue.

Derek Riphagen's First Flight

Congratulations to Derek on his first flight of his brand new RV7A at CEN4 on January 19. There was another first flight in this past week also at CEN4 but I don't yet have any story or pictures on that yet. The pictures and story are at Members/MembersProfiles in the menus system or follow this link

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